Back To Blogging – [2015] Year In Review

I went on an unplanned hiatus, but I’m back. I didn’t make as much refashions this year therefore the lack of posts in June, July, September, November, and December. I did make a few outfits here and there, but I didn’t get a chance to edit, upload the images to post. I will be highlighting them here, I will also be adding my year in review video for 2015.

Thank you to the few that inquired if I’m okay the last 3 – 7 months. It’s been a roller coaster ride physically this year compared to my mental challenge in 2014, but I think the ride is coming to a stop. I think now I can refocus in both work, taking care of my only two kids, fur babies, crafting, sewing, feeding my Kdrama addiction, and maintaining three blogs. Please continue to visit the blog, and feel free to contact me if you need any ideas for refashions, or to give advice on how I can my refashions better.

Below are the pieces that I refashioned in 2015. The year end video is at the end. Enjoy!

Memorial Day: Red, White, and Blue Day at school. Made out of a T-shirt, and bandanas.

Halloween: Boo Bash, and Super Hero Day were back to back. Our church’s Fall Festival was that weekend, and a Halloween weekend with her dad. She was Rinoa [which is her real name] from Final Fantasy for Boo Bash and the church event. She was Sailor Chibi Moon for Super Hero Day and her Halloween weekend with her dad.

Christmas: The last week of school, she wanted to dress up in a Christmas character/themed outfit. All of these were refashioned out of t-shirts. With the exception of her Candy Cane girl where I added fabric from JoAnn.

Here’s the video of my 2015 Refashions.

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Another Making It Fit Post

I found this Hello Kitty skirt hiding in the women’s aisle in Goodwill. It’s XL in girls size which is way to big for my daughter. After months of procrastinating, I finally decided to alter it a bit to fit her size. Thankfully the fabrics are flowy enough to where I can just fold some pleats, and add a new black elastic.

How does she look? Leave a comment below.

$2 Dollar Hula Skirt

This post will also be on my DIY blog:

My daughter told me that their 1st school assembly is on 8/17. She told me that I NEED to make her a hula skirt. When I asked why, it’s because it’s Hawaiian Day. I wasn’t prepared this year because their last Hawaiian Day was in 2013. I’ve been preparing for Pirate Day which has been the theme last couple of years. Anyway, without a car and a busy after school/work schedule, the only place I could go to was Dollar Tree – hoping to convince her to buy premade Hawaiian stuff. But, they ran out at my store. So I resorted to buying tablecloths. She chose green and yellow. I only used half of each to make one hula skirt.
DIY Hula Skirt
So, what do you think? Leave a comment below.

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[2015] Teacher Appreciation Week – Day 4

Teacher’s Appreciation- Day 4

I’ve been way behind in blogging as always – I guess reality happens.

Days 1-3 are in my other blog:

Day 4 is wear your teacher’s favorite color. It happened to be blue, and blue is something we have since I just made her Captain America inspired dress [link]. I happened to have one extra blue tshirt, so I just refashioned into a dress and added some felt hearts.

Day 5 will be back in my other blog – so check it out.

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Just Another Day At The Movies

The family and I have been waiting for Avengers: AOU to be released in theatres. We were so thrilled [at I was] that we all agreed to wear a character from the movie. My son got lucky?? That he found the last Iron Man shirt @Kmart. That leaves me to work on 2 outfits. My daughter wanted to be Captain America. But, I won’t just buy the costume. I wanted to really make this from scratch, and by scratch, meaning making the outfit from something that was already made. In this case – Tshirts!

Anyway, here’s Little Miss Captain America. As for my outfit, I chose the simplest character to be so I can focus on my daughter’s dress, and all I needed was one green shirt, since I already have a purple dress.
DIY Captain America inspired dressDIY Hulk inspired shirt

The kids are already planning our next movie day and making sure that I can come up with a matching outfit.

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[Tutorial] Circle / Poodle Skirt

My co-worker had asked me to make a few skirts for her sister, and her friend. She encouraged me to make the tutorial. I finally made up my mind to just go for it this time, since I’m sewing the skirts for her, and I could have her do the pattern and I’ll take a picture of how it’s made step by step. I think it worked out! This is my first tutorial, I’ve been trying to make one since I made my daughter’s 2nd Poodle skirt. I’ve taken a couple of pictures making her 4th skirt [which I’ll be using here]. I’m still trying to adapt to the idea to do tutorials as I sew, but I find it so much faster to just take the before picture, sew and show the final piece. So please don’t get confused if you see the pictures with different fabric patterns for this tutorial. I will also be using screen captures from Word to show what I’m trying to explain.

So here goes…..

I:  Measurements = Waist and Length of Skirt Find the radius of the waist. In this case her sister’s waist is 29 inches. Divide 29 by 6.28 = 4.61. I rounded that off to 5 inches is what I’ll be using to make the pattern.  The length that she needs is 24. We won’t be doing anything with that until later.

II: Drafting the pattern I kind of got lazy so I used word to draft my pattern for the waist. Measure 5 inches both length and width, then draw a curve connecting both ends. This is what it looks like.

Cut the pattern, and tape it on the corner of another piece of paper. Now, we’re going to make the outside circle. This will be the length part of the skirt. Starting from the edge of the taped pattern, measure the length desired. In this case it’s 24, so tape paper together adding up to the length and height. It will end up looking like a square.

Then from there, trace a curve connecting the length and width
Cut both curves Now you have a pattern for your skirt. The smaller curve is where your waist is, the lager curve is the hem of the skirt. This is ¼ of a circle.

III: Cutting fabric I’m explaining this for those who are new to sewing. Please bear with me – When the fabric is bought, it’s already folded lenghtwise. You need to fold that again in half widthwise.
Then place the pattern on the corner aligning the edges, then cut. Now you have a circle when opened up.

Sorry for the image. The table wasn’t big enough but this is what is should look like when you open the skirt

Almost done…..

IV: Finishing Touches 

Cut the elastic of your choice. Add ½ in to your measurement, so this one will be 29 ½ inches.

Add the elastic on the waist [smaller part of the circle]. Typically, I use black elastic so I’d just pin it on the fabric and sew together. Elastic on top of the right side of the fabric.

For this project, however, the elastic that I have is white – so I had to make a casing for the elastic. Pin the casing to the skirt while gathering – then sew together. When done, insert the elastic.

Hem the bottom of the skirt and you’re done. 

Viola! A circle skirt. 

Add the poodle patch, and rick rack and it becomes a poodle skirt.

***To make the poodle skirt, add a poodle patch and rick rack to the skirt before attaching the elastic.

[img: 50’s day 2014, 2015, Father Daughter’s Dance]

I hope this inspires you to make skirts. They are fun and easy to do! Post a link in the comments to show the skirts you made or if you have an easier tutorial.


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[2015] Decades Week – 80’s Day

I skipped this decade last year because my daughter has enough clothes to mismatch and it worked out perfect. She put pressure in me this year that I must make one since I didn’t last year. She made sure that skipping this day was not an option. At first I was going to make a Jem outfit. [wait for it]………BUT I found a giant shirt @ Dollar Tree, by Thursday, I’m already tired + my son had an emergency that drained whatever energy I have left in me – there was no way that I can pull off making Jem’s outfit in one night. A promise is a promise – so without a plan, I just cut the shirt and ended up making an off shoulder top w/fringes.
So there you have it, a decade in a week. I had fun making all these outfits! Now I’m getting some sleep this weekend.

DIY 80's outfit

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